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Mercedes E60 AMG 500E Rare

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Mercedes E60 AMG

Having a Mercedes E60 AMG 500E that is is one of the originla 12 built by AMG, to own this rare car that can only be an investment or for that true lover of classic cars built with car, and collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

There is much confusion between the 500E and the E500, so i'm going to attempt to make clear the differences between the two. The 500E and the E500 are technically similar. However, the facelift E500's had less power (322BHP) for the US market due to emissions regulations) The pre-facelift 500E's have the older trunk and grille, along with square style headlights and plastic stripe along the bootlid. The 500E's also has the "orange" indicators on the side, front and back instead of the later "clear" style ones. The model badge was also 500 E on the trunk lid underlined. The body cladding was also flat painted and not shiny metallic. Along with this came the slightly larger and bulkier 400mm steering wheel and the glovebox instead of an airbag on the passenger side. Some very early 500E's (1991-1992) came with no airbags at all, no wood box at the front and no heated seats. The facelift E500 comes with the uprated hood and trunk, metallic painted cladding, newer lights, 390mm sportsline steering wheel, wood boxes and mostly all have heated seats. The US market cars almost all came with climate control compared to the Europe market with air conditioning as standard. The E500 also had the "E 500" badge on the rear without underlining. Both vehicles come with exactly the same technical specifications.

So if you have always been looking to own true legend of a cars with AMG's finish – this 500E can compete with a Ferrari Testarossa


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